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Product Description
Effect Video
Item Name: 2heads 100W LED Binder (4*4 100W LED Binder Light can be made also)
Model: GT-BL20100LEDCOB+WW
LED Blind Light lamp: 2 x 100W COB
Life: about 50,000 hours
Color: 3000 ± 200K / optional
Optical and characteristics
Lens angle:
Dimmer: linear dimming from 0 to 100%
High color COB integrated chip modules, light color consistency, higher lumen;
Optical grade prism reflective cup, the beam is more accurate, better luminous efficiency; output
Uniform, no infrared light, ultraviolet.
Full compliance with international standard DMX512 protocol;
Each lamp can be controlled separately, either single control can also be controlled with the use of the Internet.
Internal wiring and structure are waterproof design.
Shell made of a combination of aluminum and iron, looks solid and durable, simple lamp direction can be adjusted;
Air convection cooling, no noise. This product can be a single use, but also more
Taiwan splicing use, but can spell matrix wall use;
Without using any tools to install mosaic, it is a really reach
To fast assembly fixtures.
Applications: large-scale concerts, theatrical performances, studio, entertainment section
Head site and so on places.
Work Environment
Ambient temperature: -25 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
Cooling: Natural convection